The Shutdown Cost Us


And that's just the cost to our economy. The Shutdown's costs extend into our daily lives and the lives of our fellow citizens on a much more personal level:

Soldier Death Benefits Withheld

Benefits to the families of fallen soliders are not being paid. The benefits are intended to cover funeral expenses and help the family until regular survivor benefits begin.

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Arizona Welfare Families Lose Benefits

With little warning, over 5,200 families in Arizona who depend on the TANF program will not see benefits until the shutdown ends.

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Military Families Feel the Squeeze

Despite the Military Pay Act, other on-base activities and services are closed: grocery stores, children's programs, and medical care. Annoyance, inconveneince, and costly: grocery bills are 25% higher.

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Blood Drives Cancelled

Several blood drives have been cancelled, causing the loss of hundreds of donations. The longer the shutdown lasts, the more dire the situation will get, risking blood shortages.

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Private Sector Workers Furloughed

Feeling the loss of government contract spending, Lockheed has announced that they will furlough 3,000 employees.

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Military Training Exercises Cancelled

The shutdown has resulted in a lack of funding for training operations at bases in Europe, potentially putting readiness at risk.

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Furloughed Employees

Over 800,000 Federal employees have been furloughed and will not be paid.

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Head Start

Up to 19,000 children are unable to attend head start programs, depriving them of early-childhood educational opportunities and leaving their parents scrambling for childcare.

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National Park Closures

All 401 National Park sites are closed, ruining the travel and vacation plans of thousands and impacting small businesses, hotels, and restaurants that depend on local toursim to stay afloat.

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Cancer Patients Turned Away

Cancer patients trying to enroll in clinical trials at NIH have been turned away until the shutdown ends.

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Assistance for low income families ending

The WIC program, which provides food assitance to families with children, has shut down. Some states are not accepting new applicants, and other states are running on reserves which will last mere days.

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No Flu Outbreak Monitoring

Monitoring of Flu outbreaks nationwide has been crippled, with only cursory examinations and no "in-depth" investigations of potential outbreaks.

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FBI Agents Lose Pay

FBI Agents, even those still working (including some investigating the Kenyan mall attack) are told to expect a hit to their paycheck.

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Colorado Springs Hit Hard

Over 18% of the workforce in Colorado Springs, CO (55,000 workers) are on furlough and won't be paid.

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Small Business Loans on Hold

The Small Business Administration is not processing applications for small business loans, leaving businesses out in the cold even after bank approval of their loans.

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How is the shutdown impacting you, your friends, and your family?
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